Vision, Mission and Objectives

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Achieve excellence in education and community partnership

The Community College in Al-Aflaj aspires  to qualify students to  meet the needs of the labor market through offering quality education ,well-prepared training programs  and distinctive community partnership.


·      There are general objectives shared by almost all community colleges all over the world, and there are particular objectives for each country according to its needs. Here, we will mention only the objectives specific to our college:

  • Offering a variety of comprehensive applied educational programs that qualify students for the jobs needed in the labor market.
  • Establishing contact channels between the College and the professional community by holding regular meetings and visits.
  • Supporting the university by accepting  more students in the associate and transitional programs.
  • Allowing students to join transitional programs with a high economic competency at the university.
  • Accepting students from the high-school stage who could not join bachelor's programs and qualifying them for the labor market or for pursuing their university studies


  • Developing associate programs  that support the training and employment of Saudis.
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